Lake Fork Anglers Bass Club fishes Lake Fork Exclusively.

All tournaments are on Thursday's - See chart for DATES, TYPE,  START & END times.

 Hard Core AND L F A fish on alternate Thursdays.

Meetings are held immediately following the weigh-in of the second tournament each month.

General Information about Lake Fork Anglers is located below the schedule matrix.

Official Rules and Guidelines are after the General Information section.









Will be at the MINNOW BUCKET,
and will last 15 MINUTES.

You may leave the Minnow Bucket when registration is complete
 or as determined by the TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR.

You may launch from any ramp

Stop fishing by END TIME and
be in line at weigh-in by END TIME +30 minutes.

Boaters and Non-Boaters and Couples are welcome - bring your wife or husband.
At the monthly meeting anglers are paired using the DRAW FORMAT.

L F A is a 5 fish limit format with all of Lake Fork in play.

Hard Core follows a M L F format where every fish 10” and over counts

And the lake is broken into three sections and rotates every tournament.

ON the 5th Thursday’s special tournaments are held.

Essentially, we fish 50 tournaments a year unless cancelled

for some important reason like bad weather or a pandemic.

Members must fish 8 tournaments in a year to maintain membership.

For the Covid 19 pandemic we are taking measures to keep social distancing

and masking important for us as most of our members are seniors.

Lake Fork Anglers

Official Rules and Guidelines

Final Version (15) approved by membership February 13, 2014

Version 63 Amended July 22,2021


Mission Statement

            Membership in this club is intended to be fun.  The organization was created with several goals in mind.  One goal is to bring together a select group of compatible anglers to participate in friendly competition and fellowship that the sport of bass angling offers.  Another goal is to establish a small tournament trail that conducts tournaments on Lake Fork mid-week two times a month.



            Men or women of any age may apply for membership.  Annual dues, payable for any portion of a calendar year, are $5 for each accepted member.  Renewals will be at the rate of $5 per year. Anglers who wish to join this organization must complete an application form and must be sponsored by a member who is in good standing as of the application date.  

. First time members must fish with a member of the Executive Committee (EC). Disapproval is automatic if the officer feels that the new prospective member is not a good fit for us after discussion by the EC.

 The applicant may join in one of two ways.  Agree to fish in their first tournament without paying any fee to decide if they want to join but cannot win any cash or prize. They may join after the weigh in if they want too.   Or pay the appropriate fee for that tournament and be in for the prizes and also pay their dues at registration time.


Sharing Expenses

The club requires its co-anglers to contribute to the boater at a rate of $20 per tournament. But instead of giving it to the boater the co-angler will bring it to morning registration and register for both (Boater and Co-angler) for $40 total. At the same time the co-angler will be given a scoring form and perhaps info to be passed along to the boater. He will then go to the pre-arranged location to meet his boater for launching and take-off.


Boaters and co-anglers are responsible to call the officer taking the registration on Thursday morning of anything that will keep them showing up after the printed time of ending of registration. His phone number will be printed on the e-mail you receive from the boat seating officer showing the times and the pairings.





Termination of a Member for specific reason:

  We are seniors for the most part.  Falling out of our boat during a tournament should not jeopardize our lives. This is one reason why we fish 2 in a boat. Being stood up on tournament morning creates this type of situation. So, Members who call out sick or for whatever reason after 6:30 PM on the Tuesday evening before a tournament or in the AM prior to our tournament, basically standing up their scheduled partner, will be accessed with a 2-tournament suspension. Trips to the emergency room or other medical emergencies will be considered on an individual basis.

If it happens a second time in a 2-year period he will be suspended for four tournaments, if it happens a third time he is automatically terminated and notified by the executive committee of the decision. No discussions.

However, if they are calling to say they will be late for a flat tire or some other temporary issue some leeway can be given by the officer. They must also call their partner and let him know as well.

Co-Anglers who fail to register will be cited and suspended for 2 tournaments for his first offense in a 2-year period. On his second offense in the same 2-year period he will be suspended for four tournaments and put on probation. If there is a third offense in the same 2-year period he will be automatically terminated and notified by the executive committee.

Members terminated for any reason may be re-instated after a year by a majority vote of the membership either in person at a meeting or done by an e-mail vote. But if they have one more offense of any kind they will be terminated for good.


Personal Conduct

  Any contestant who violates any rule may be disqualified.  Any act of a contestant, verbal or physical, that reflects unfavorably upon the effort by the Club to promote fishing, conservation, clean waters, courtesy and safety shall be reason for disqualification from this and all future club tournaments as well as termination of membership in this club.  Please fish friendly


Notification to the Membership On Thursday evening, or as soon as possible, following the tournament the Seating Officer will publish a list of who he thinks will be fishing the next tournament based on the history of who fished that format last. You have until Tuesday evening at 6:30 PM to notify him that you are NOT fishing or you are listed in the wrong column. IE Boater or Co-angler or you want to fish and are not listed. All members who know that they will not be available for a certain event, should notify the seating officer as soon as possible.


Catch and release

 Means just that catch, measure, record and release.  Bass will be measured with a Chek-It Stick with the fish’s jaw closed and tail gently squeezed together or turned in a way to obtain the maximum overall length, recorded on the scoring sheet and then released.  (How to measure is referenced from fishing regulations of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Outdoor Annual.)



To continue as an active member in the following year members must fish any combination of 8 LFA or Hard-Core tournaments.


Types of Membership

 There will be six types of membership.

1 Boaters. Members will declare at the beginning of the year whether they want to be declared as a boater. Members joining after the beginning must also declare what type of member they want to be. Boaters are members who drive and operate their boat most of the time. However, if they have a boat issue and have to be a co-angler at any time, they may but their points, pounds and winnings will come from the boater side. Boaters who choose to switch over to being a co-angler will transfer their points and pounds and will be (at least) for the rest of the year a co-angler.

2. Co-Anglers. Members will declare at the beginning of the year whether they want to be declared as a co-angler. Members joining after the beginning must also declare what type of member they want to be. Co-Anglers are the member who rides along with the boater. He/she may be asked to run the boat by the boater but he/she will still be considered as a co-angler. He/she may also be asked to be a boater if the club is short on boaters. When that happens his points, pounds and winnings will come from the co-angler side.

If he/ wishes to join the boater side permanently he/can do so one time only in a given year. His/her points, and pounds from the co-angler side will then go to the boater side.

3. Inactive: Members who are experiencing issues may ask to be placed or may be placed on an inactive list for duration of nine months. Members who have not fished for more than three months in a row will automatically be put on the list as well. Issues that are of a work related, medical, death in the family, too hot or too cold, on vacation may all be accepted as legitimatize excuses for not attending tournaments.  They still must abide by the meeting attendance of at least once every quarter unless unable to do so because they cannot walk or get out of bed.

They may at any time rejoin the active list just by calling or e-mailing to say they want to fish. If there are no openings no matter how senior they are on the list they will have to sit it out until there is an opening. (Rarely happens anyway.)

4. Contributing Members: Members who have been members of the LFA for at least two years may change to contributing members by asking. This category eliminates the 8 LFA/HC tournament requirement all members have to meet in order to renew in December-January. These members will pay dues of $20 a year and will be expected to contact the seating officer at least one week prior to asking to be seated for a tournament.

5. Charter Members: Members who helped to start the Lake Fork Anglers by joining up to March 1, 2014 shall be considered a Charter Member. Charter members may have this designation embroidered onto their club shirts.

 6. Grandfathered Members: Members of the Lake Fork Anglers who helped to start the club in 2014 and members who have contributed in such a way to improve the function and support the efforts of the club to grow. These members may be in a situation where medical or work issues have forced them to take a back seat either temporarily or permanently.

Grandfathered members may at any time contact the seating officer to make arrangements to fish. Will continue to receive LFA e-mails and communications. These members will pay no dues. At some point these members may ask to be returned to active status. In doing so they will retain their seniority on the lists.

Women's Division-

Women may join the club and fish together by gender. Women boaters and co-anglers will fish together thru a drawing method the same as used by the men. Women will be required to follow the same rules as the men as outlined in these Rules and Guidelines.

The women will pay the same dues and the same entrance fees for tournaments and be in the running to win 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc. or lunker overall and Angler of the Year as both boaters and co-anglers.

In the event that an odd number of women are drawn on a tournament and there also an odd number on the men's side these two can fish together if they agree to do so.

Guests may fish with any available member including their sponsor. These “guests/members” would be kept in a separate accounting on our list and not interfere with our active members. Guests cannot accumulate points, qualify for championships, or earn annual lunkers awards. And would be able to fish with us up to three times a year by informing us before a drawing if there is an open spot.  Said guest may be a boater but only fish one time in an annual period. Both anglers are to be co-anglers. Active members can bring up to three different guests in an annual period. They cannot bump out an active member. They would not have to fish 8 times in a year to renew to the next year. But must pay $5 each year to renew.


Weigh-in: There will be no weigh-in of real fish to the benefit of the fish.

Bring in sheets and the tournament director will add up your best weights.

Every Thursday the club will put on a tournament, rotating every other week we will fish the LFA 5 fish creel events and every fish you catch counts Hard Core events. On 5th Thursday’s special tournaments will be held as listed below.

Tournament duration will be 8+- hours with 30 minutes at the end of the time set on that day to stop fishing and return for the weigh in for spring and fall. During the summer months the tournament duration will be 6 hours starting at time to be given out by TD and stopping by Noon. During the months of December, January and February we will end registration at 7:30 AM, fishing at 8:00 AM and end at 3 PM.


Take-off and weigh-in times will be communicated by the officer appointed to do so at least 48 hours prior to the tournament mainly by E-mail.  Other brief comments may include items of interest about the lake, boating obstructions, and safety reminders.  Tournaments typically will be conducted during the daytime. The tournament director will make a decision by 6:30 PM on Tuesday prior if the lake is going to be safe enough to fish. To cold, heavy winds, impending storms, lake iced over. Whatever. The TD or ATD will make a decision at that time if we are fishing. Each of you will have his/her cell number.      

Fishing Partners: (Pairings) Partners will be determined by officer in charge of scheduling so to pair boaters from the active list and co-anglers from the active list. The officer will control the active list so that all co-anglers will eventually fish with all of the boaters.

Boaters cannot refuse to allow any paired co-angler in their boat.

It is up to the boater to convey to the co-angler what his rules are for the day. If it means no smoking, dipping, spitting or anything else they need to let them know during their phone call or sometime prior to tournament day.

The members on the contributing or grandfather list will remain there until they notify the seating officer, they are ready to fish again.

Members who only wish to be out a week or two can give the seating officer a return date and the officer will re-insert them into the schedule on that date. All anglers prior to the upcoming tournament will declare only if they will not be available for upcoming dates to the Officer doing the Scheduling. If in the end there is one name left and a match cannot be found then that person may fish alone (see box below).

Or members who have fishable boats will switch over to boater so that all can fish. Boaters and co-anglers fishing in their opposite category will fish in the category that is their chosen official choice.


Not every “senior” can deal with a tall standup seat and might prefer a “sit down” seat instead. And normal info like do you have a cooler with ice, are you serving Vienna Sausage for lunch, is there room for 15 rod combos and 60 pounds of tackle, etc.

 Lunker Side Pot: Anglers who want to participate in a side pot for lunker may do so.  It is not mandatory for everyone to participate. Lunker side pot is $5.00 per person. Whoever catches the lunker will win the lunker money unless the boater and co-angler decides to share it ahead of time.

The registering officer will collect the lunker money along with the regular entry fee. It is not mandatory for everyone to participate.

If no boat (team or individual) weighs fish, each participant’s entry fee will be returned.

Big Bag Side Pot: A separate side pot for $10 each and it would be paid the competitor who caught the heaviest 5 fish stringer.  It is not mandatory for everyone to participate.

            The registering officer will collect the money for big bag and handle the book keeping and do the payouts with the assistance of the Tournament Director if needed.

Pairings Once Set: Once the pairing is set and published on Tuesday evening after having from the prior Thursday evening for you notify the officer in charge of seating of your change, if a further change occurs and you are out, you cannot return later unless requested by the officer in charge of seating


A measuring box is available if it comes down to a boater without a co-angler. When a boater shows up with his/her boat and the co-angler does not show. The single boater can then take the box. Any fish caught should be laid in the measuring box, a photo taken of the fish showing the length, and then released and recorded on the weigh in sheet. At the conclusion of the event the pictures verifying such fish caught will be reviewed by the Tournament Director. The box will be kept by the Tournament Director.

Scoring, Measuring, and Releasing fish: Largemouth Bass (Black Bass)10" and up must be measured on an official CHECK IT STIK with 1/8” increments while being observed by both the boater and the co-angler.

Measure your fish by closing the fish’s jaw and gently squeeze the tail and sweep it on the measuring stick. Sometimes flipping the fish will help you gain up to ¼”. Measure the fish, record on the official weigh-in sheet and then release it. Pictures of lunkers is allowed. Slots may not be put in your live well.  Remember to wet the measuring stick in hot weather.

Scoring: Is being done by the Tournament Director using a computer program designed to capture fish lengths and the lengths are then converted to pounds.

         Weigh-in: There will be no weigh-in of real fish to the benefit of the fish.

LFA Tournament Fishing on 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month

Entry fee:  For LFA is $15 for participants:  $12 for heaviest stringer of five bass.  The tournament director reserves the right to refuse entry of any person. $3.00 is put aside for awards for Anglers of the Year and Lunker of the Year and other expenses like the annual diner.

The entry fee for Hard-Core is also $15 with none held back for awards.

Boaters will fish against boaters. Co-anglers will fish against co-anglers. The amounts paid out as follows shall be for each group.

Prizes:  For heaviest stringer per category (Boaters and Co-Anglers):

                              1-4 entrants 100% to the winner.

5-8 entrant’s 1st place 60% 1st, 2nd place 40%

9-12 entrant’s 1st-50%, 2nd-30%, 3rd-20%  

13-20 entrant’s 1st-40%, 2nd-30%, 3rd-20%, 4th-10%

All payouts will be rounded off to the nearest $ 5.00


For big bass: An optional $5 per participant will be paid to the individual with the heaviest single bass in the boater category and also in the co-angler category. Any ties will be paid to the tying participants proportionally.


Side Pots: Anglers who want to participate in a side pot at each tournament may do so with their partner for the day at a cost of $10 each or $20 per boat. The boat with the most weight for the day will win whatever money has been collected for this side contest. Both anglers will equally split the winnings.  It is not mandatory for everyone to participate.


Angler of the Year: To establish competition for Angler of the Year, during each calendar year, each tournament participant will be awarded points according to the placing in a given tournament. Boaters and Co-Anglers will be scored separately for the top three anglers in each category. Placement points will be awarded according to the number of tournament participants, and the descending sequence of finish of each.  Any participant who weighs no fish will get points equal to the next-in-line sequence below the lowest weighed-fish points.  Example:  For 26 entrants, 3 of whom catch no fish.  Heaviest string gets 50 points, second heaviest gets 49 points, etc., on down to the next heaviest string which gets 48 points and so on down to 25.  The three anglers weighing no fish each tie for the next-in-line points sequence and each get 24 points.  Fish weights will not be added to any points accumulation. No extra points will be awarded for the lunker. In all events the person with the most weight will get points based on the highest number of members of the club that is possible.  If the number of members of the club is increased past 50 for men and women then the points given per event for first place will be upped to match that number.

Each member must drop the results of eight tournaments within a calendar year.

Dropped tournaments will be based upon this order: (1.) "Was Not a Member...Yet"; (2.) "DNF - Did Not Fish”; (3) Time off for medical (4) DQ’d (5.) "Low Scoring Weight."

After the final tournament of a calendar year, the three anglers in each category with the most points will be recognized by the Lake Fork Anglers bass club as Anglers of the Year. In the case of a tie both anglers will be awarded an award.


Lunker of the Year: The largest single bass caught in ((LFA and Hard-Core for both boaters and co-anglers)) during the calendar year will earn an annual award. In the case of a tie both will be awarded.


Hard Core Fishing on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays

It will just be on a 1st, and 3rd Thursday. It will follow our usual rules.

The format will be as follows:

  Every fish 10" and up you catch will count. The winners will be determined by the ones who have the most weight in each category. The winners will tell the story at weigh in.

  Tournaments will follow whatever hours the regular LFA fishing hours are.

Semi-final and Final: There are 3 ways to qualify

Contestants that catch a bag of at least 6 lb. at least once, and have fished at least 6 tournaments prior to the semi-final will qualify for the semifinals in October or November. Boaters and co-anglers alike. Members who participate in at least 80% of the tournaments will also qualify for the semi-finals even if they do not get the 6 lb. needed. The pairings will be the Boater with the most weight and the co-angler with the least weight and so forth until all are seated.

After those above have qualified and more boaters and co-anglers are needed to even it out then the next boater(s) or co-angler(s) with the most accumulated weight IN HARD CORE will qualify until all the boats are even with a boater and a co-angler. Members will only fill in their category.

Championship:  The top 50% by weight from the Semi-Finals will advance to the finals in late November in each category (i.e. boaters and co-anglers).

If uneven then the next member by weight IN HARD CORE in the same category will be asked to fill in.

Boater and Co-angler do not have to be fishing together to win.

Hard Core Championship will pay out a number of places ((to be determined by the executive committee)) in each category with a 100% payout. And a lunker for each category. Winners to receive their money at the weigh in.

The winner of this group (a boater and a co-angler) would win the Bass Fishing Innovations Cup.

The “Bass Fishing Innovations Cup” is a revolving cup that each winning angler takes home for a year with his name inscribed on it and the returns it for the winner of the next year. The following year they will receive a normal size plaque showing their winning numbers.

Where we will fish out of will be restricted and will be a secret. Like MLF we want to make it interesting. So, we will partition the lake into three sections and pick one out of the hat for the semi-final round and the championship. When the first section is fished it is then eliminated from competition that year. The most senior co-angler present will pull the chip.

Hard Core tournaments throughout the year will also follow the 3-section rotation each tournament.

When the semi-final and championship take place members not involved may NOT fish in the section where these participants HAVE to fish.

 The seating officer will seat the qualified anglers by the one with the most weight fishing with the one with the least weight and then on until all anglers are seated.

 Hard Core fishing will have no dedicated meetings.  Seating will be by seating officer Thursday evening meeting prior to the next tournament.

LFA Championship

Official Rules and Guidelines

To be held on a designated 5th Thursday

 Rules of the Road:

    All members must have fished 75% of the LFA tournaments prior to the date of is eligible to fish.
    If cancellations occur after the first pairing, the next highest member based on participation moves into the available slot. If the slot cannot be filled by a “pair” then the lone boater can fish using the “measuring box”. Stranded co-anglers are out unless they happen to own a boat.  Anglers must fish in the category they have chosen for the year.
    The LFA Championship will pay places in boater and co-angler to be determined by the executive committee.
    There are no points or pounds kept. The best 5 fish for the boat is the winner.The pairings will be the Boater with the most weight in the AOY contest paired with the co-angler with the least weight and so forth until all are seated.
    Side pots are allowed.





Lake Fork Shootout

To be held on a designated 5th Thursday

100% payback on the entry fees plus added money.

Boaters and Co-Anglers will fish as a team with the best 5 fish winning.

All LFA regular rules are in play.

Winners to be paid at the weigh-in.

((The pairings will be the Boater with the most weight in the AOY contest paired with the co-angler with the least weight and so forth until all are seated.))

 Side pots allowed.

Once the teams have been drawn then it is up to the boaters to decide who will be the boater and who the co-angler either by preference or flipping a coin.At that point team members should also discuss what you need in the boat to be comfortable.  If both boaters agree, sharing the front of the boat for part of the day is OK.


Big Fish Tournament

To be held on a designated 5th Thursday

The pairings will be the Boater with the most weight in the AOY contest paired with the co-angler with the least weight and so forth until all are seated.


Number of places paid to be determined by the executive committee.

Paying 1st place 40%, 2nd 30%, etc. 20% and 10 % and the same for the co-anglers.

That, is 100% payback plus, added money.

Winners to be paid at the weigh in.

Regular, draw tournament.

LFA Regular tournament rules to be followed.



Method:  All contestants must fish from a boat.  Bait must be artificial, and pork rinds are permitted.  Only one rod and reel at a time may be used by a contestant.  If a lure becomes entangled or hung up it will not be considered in use, and a second rod and reel may be used to fish out the site until the hung-up lure situation is resolved.  Trolling with the combustion engine is not allowed.  All fish must be caught in a legal and sporting manner during tournament hours in tournament waters.  Contestant may not use any communications device for the sole purpose of locating or catching bass during tournament hours.  Depth finders and GPS units are permitted.  Tracking devices inserted into bass may not be used by any contestant during or before the tournament.  Hole-sitting by or for contestants is not allowed.




            Annual Year Ends in mid -November with the last LFA tournament. The next year begins on the first Thursday in December and continues thru until the next November and so forth.


         Late to weigh-in:

  Any contestant who is 1 minute late shall be disqualified for that tournament unless they had called the tournament director and offered an acceptable reason for ANTICIPATING being late and called in their results.  Poor planning / time management is not an acceptable reason

When a member is disqualified (DQ’d) he/she gets no points or pounds that tournament.



  Protests relative to any tournament issue must be presented to the tournament director within 15 minutes following the weigh-in time.  Protests concerning issues that were not apparent earlier will be considered on a case-by-case basis by the tournament director. The Tournament Directors ruling is final.


            Off limits:

  No fishing on the tournament lake during the six hours prior to take-off.  No fishing within 50 yards of another tournament boat without mutual consent. Boating bumping while helping with mechanical issues, exchanging drinks, food or baits is allowed.



  Trailering is permitted.  All participants MUST register at the official tournament site, participants are allowed to trailer from the site to a different ramp on the same lake.  If a boater does not keep his boat on a trailer or the boat is in a sling at home or the trailer is not road worthy or licensed then he/she may with the co-angler travel to the place where he/she keeps the boat so as to launch from there. Participants may begin fishing at the start-time announced by the Tournament Director.  Participants MUST then return to the official tournament site with their score sheets by the appointed weigh-in time with or without their boats.


Guides or fishing with guides:

  Contestants may not have received information from or fished with a paid or non-paid bass guide on Lake Fork within the thirty days preceding the tournament.
GPS Co-Anglers and boaters fishing as a co-angler may not use a GPS device or phone to record the places where their boaters take them.

 Lake Sections:

It is possible that some tournaments will be restricted to specific areas of Lake Fork.    


Engines must have a functioning kill switch.  Boats must have a functioning, aerated live well.  Life jackets (PFDs) and kill switches must be properly worn and attached during operation of the big engine at greater than idle speed.  Running lights must be displayed while boats are on the water prior to the official sunrise time, or after the official sunset time, except while beached or anchored at the tournament launch ramp.

                        Alcohol, drugs

:  The consumption of alcohol is prohibited during tournament hours; possession or use of illegal drugs is prohibited at any time also, prohibited, at any time, is the illegal use of legal drugs. Consumption of alcohol on shore during or after the tournament weigh-in is permitted.


     If taken to new waters shall not give up that information to future partners or boaters. You are there to learn and enjoy, not give away the prize that your boaters have worked hard to find.


          Winners are required to give it up. In others words express how, what, and why you won for the benefit and improvement of all who fished that day.

Plaques and Awards

There will be plaques awarded for the following:

LFA Points tournaments for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place Boater and Co-Angler by the most points earned in a year. On the plaque will be name, year and the pounds of fish the angler caught.

LFA lunkers for boater and co-angler.

LFA Championship Boater and Co-Angler.

 A special Plaque for Most improved Angler as decided by the EC

                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Hard Core plaques are being paid for by BASS FISHING INNOVATIONS                                  

Hard Core Travelling plaques for the boater and co-angler winner and sponsor.

These plaques are to be returned each November for updating and the winners will be given regular size plaques as a permanent replacement.

Hard Core Boater and Co-angler lunkers.

Pound patches will be paid for by the member who wants one at $4 each.




Members are required to attend at least 25% of the club meetings. Meetings of the membership will be held following the second tournament of the month at a place to be determined by the executive committe. If the date, time or location of the meeting needs to be changed it will be communicated to the members at least 48 hours prior to said meeting. Missing 6 months in a row may call for a resignation except for certain medical reasons or when expressed to the club in advance at a meeting (taking a tour around the world, going home to visit Mom for a month or two, I’ll be at Falcon Lake for a few months etc.).



The primary and preferred communication between members will be face to face at the meetings and tournaments.  Absent that convenience, communication will be via e-mail.  If e-mail is not available or convenient, then telephone communication will be the method of contact.  Time-critical communications between members will be conducted by telephone.


            Social activities may be conducted from time to time, and members will be advised as appropriate.



If a member or a spouse or significant other dies the club will send a card.





Officers:  Administration of this club’s activities is conducted by seven individual members.  President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Tournament Director (Have computer, will travel.), Assistant Tournament Director and a director. Elections will be conducted each January/December when the annual meeting takes place to select officers for the year. The new officers will take over after the election.


President: Conduct the meetings of the club; communicate with the other officers, when needed to make sure the business of the club is being performed as required by their office description. Make appointments when needed. To call your officers together when a situation comes up to help resolve it prior to bringing it to a meeting of the membership. The president can only vote to break a tie in regular meetings and EC meetings.

The president will appoint a NOMINATING COMMITTEE after the first weigh in in November made up of three members including one current officer to come up with candidates to be nominated at the December meeting

Vice President: Fill in for the president when absent, assist the treasurer with the counting of the money at weigh-ins. Will assist the treasurer with tournament registration. Will back up the tournament director. Will contact members who are at risk of being terminated for sticking their partners on tournament mornings and report to the EC of this problem.

Secretary: Take and record the minutes at meetings. Send a copy out to all in a timely fashion. Maintain the club roster. Read the minutes at the next meeting. Create and distribute club agendas. Monitors member’s participation in tournaments. Keep all club records and stats in conjunction with the officer doing the stats.

 Treasurer: Maintain the club cash flow. Collect dues, collect award monies, business receipts, collect payout monies for Hard Core and One day tournaments, and give quarterly reports to each entity showing cash on hand. Will help with tournament registration and collect monies.

Tournament Director: Maintain scoring sheets and present them at registration. Have the scoring box in possession if needed at registration. Score the tournament with the help of other officers if needed. Establishes and maintains the club tournament schedule with help from the EC.


Note: Since the tournament director is required to be at every tournament throughout the year if you are going to run for this position know that you will have to be there early and late every Thursday.

 Assistant Tournament Director    Do everything the tournament director would have to do in his absence.


Director: Besides all of the duties of these officers and to make the number come out uneven a director is needed to, help with the annual winter dinner, and whatever else might come help where he/she can help.

Executive Committee (EC): The elected officers and directors of the club will form an Executive Committee. This group may have meeting separate from regular membership meetings. The Executive Committee may handle matters brought up by the members and after deciding whether to proceed shall take such subjects to the membership for a vote. See changes in rules below.

The Executive Committee shall rule on any and all disagreements concerning rules and procedures of the club.

Disagreements will be discussed privately among the Executive Committee using the following format.

Step One: The Presentation of dispute by a Club Officer (s) and discussion about possible Resolutions.

No Vote after first meeting.

Step Two: At a second Executive Committee meeting the item will be again discussed with possible Resolutions. Executive Committee may vote on Resolution or-

Step Three: Schedule an additional meeting then re-visit Step Two.

Decisions of the Executive Committee will be final.

Elections of Officers

: Once the nominating committee brings their list to the membership after the first weigh in, 1st Tournament in December and presents said names to the membership. The membership present may be polled to see if anyone else wants to run for an office. Once that is completed the membership present will pass a motion accepting the nominees. Persons interested may run for more than one office but may only win one office.

The secretary will then send out ballots to all members. Members will then bring their ballots and dues to the meeting designated as the election meeting. (End of December or first meeting in January). Only members who are paid up for the year in which the new officers will convene can vote.

 If not paid the members may mail their cash and ballot to the secretary as soon as they receive it from him/her. If not received prior to that meeting the secretary cannot be held responsible for receiving it late.

 At that meeting the sitting president will appoint three members not nominated and not from the nominating committee to count the ballots and give the results to the secretary for recording.

The sitting president will announce the names of the new officers and directors.

The newly elected officers and directors will begin their terms of office at that meeting and take over after the election.

 Term of Office:

The above officers and director are limited to two (2) consecutive one-year terms. If the officer chooses to stay in office, he/she can but is subject to an election if another member(s) chooses to run for that office too.


            Changes in Officers

In the event that any club office is vacated, the remaining officers will nominate or appoint another club member to fill that position subject to confirmation by the membership.  

            Changes in Rules:

  Suggestions for changes may be presented at any meeting but no vote shall be taken until the idea is printed in an agenda for the following meeting.  Members may take the time to send out supporting info to the membership prior to the time of the vote. Changes may be adopted by a motion, second and held until the voting month where discussion and a simple majority vote will pass the motion. The executive committee can activate a proposal prior to the vote.

    While suggestions may be made at will actually voting on said rule changes will occur only twice a year in Feb and July. The secretary will keep track of said suggestions and present them at the February and July Mini meetings for eventual discussion and vote at those regular monthly meetings.


Transactions will be conducted in U.S. cash.  



This club has no assets.  In consideration for receiving permission to participate in this club’s activities, members release, waive, discharge and covenant not to sue the club and/or the club’s officers and/or members, singly and/or collectively from any and all liability, claims, demands, actions and causes of action whatsoever arising out of or related to any loss, damage, or injury, including death, that may be sustained by any member, or to any property belonging to any member, whether caused by the negligence of the other member or members, or otherwise, while participating in such activity, or while in, on or upon the premises where the activity is being conducted.









H C #3(S-3)



L F A #3



H C #4(S-1)



L F A #4




H C #5(S-2)



L F A # 5



H C #6(S-3)

T B A-3:00


L F A # 6

T B A-3:00




H C #7 (S-1)

T B A-3:00


L F A #7

T B A-3:00


H C #8 (S-2)



L F A# 8









H C 9 (S-3)



 L F A #9



H C #10 (S-1)



L F A #10




H C # 11 (S-2)



L F A # 11



H C # 12 (S-3)

6:00-T B A


 L F A # 12

6:00-T B A




H C # 13 (S-1)

5:45-T B A


 L F A  # 13

5:45-T B A


H C # 14 (S-2)



L F A  # 14









H C # 15 (S-3)



L F A # 15



H C  #16 (S-1)



L F A # 16




H C #17 (S-2)



L F A #17



H C #18 (S-3)



L F A #18






H C #19 (S-1)



L F A #19



H C #20 (S-2)



L F A #20









H C #21 (S-3)



L F A #21



H C #22 (S-D)



L F A #22









L F A #23










H C #1 (S-1)



L F A #1



H C #2 (S-2)



L F A #2