SAFE                    With the seat down it's below your forward line-of-sight for maximum visibility.

QUICK                 Raise or lower the seat in seconds. No disassembling and storing seat and pole.

COMFORT          Choose the seating height that is the most comfortable to you.

SECURE              The  automatic locking mechanism is simple and secure.

SIMPLE               A minimum number of moving parts to achieve folding.

STRONG             Made of 12 ga Stainless Steel for strength, corrosion resistance and appearance.

STABLE               The Triangular Structure eliminates flex.

               With  knee and with hip problems, becoming a seated fisherman was new for someone who didn't keep
               seats in his boat. It finally became a matter of set down or stop fishing. When I relented I felt much
               safer - but there still were issues. When I was ready to change spots there was the problem of not being
               able to see forward with the front seat in place and I was very unstable while disassembling and stowing
               the seat - especially while blowing around in rough water. I'm tall and there was also the problem of the
               standard seat being too short which gave me a backache and made it more difficult to stand when needed.

                                       So, I began working on something to remedy this situation.

                                         After several prototypes I arrived at a design that WORKS.

              These Patented Design innovations combine to let you concentrate on fishing without fighting the seat.

Over the console view shows the forward visibility when folded for moving

Side view with front and rear seats folded for transport 

Optional Tandem or Quad Seating

Tandem Seating up front                                                        Tandem seating in the back

For you Crappie Fishermen, Tandem applications are easy with the new FOLD 'n' GO seat bases.

In this application on a Skeeter you still have access to all compartments when the seats are up.

  Over the console view shows the forward visibility when running with Tandem seating up front     

Video showing Operation of Stainless

Steel Model of FOLD 'n' GO Seat Base

A limited number of Prototypes made from 12 ga mild steel and coated with Black Bed Liner are still available.

The following photo's are of the prototype model. Operation and Motion of both Model's are identical.

The prototype has a 12"x6" footprint, The Stainless Steel model's footprint is 6"x6".

The Clearance Price is $199 for the prototype model shown plus tax and freight.

The new Stainless Steel FOLD 'n' GO is $299 Plus Tax and freight.

Prices includes all Stainless Steel mounting hardware and swivel base.

FOLD 'n' GO comes fully assembled and ready to install on your boat using your boat seat.

They come with a one year warranty and a 30 day no questions asked return policy.

For additional information call me at 903-806-4492

or E-Mail me at bobrfishes@hotmail.com

See you on the lake.

Bob Roberts




 FOLDING SEAT BASE by BASS FIN LLC                                                          US PATENT NUMBER 8,505,690 B2